Website, created by ‘Mercedes-benz’ company to show ‘Pro-Safe’ system features, implemented in company cars.

Good animations, stylish and informative design, all these things just say – mercedes cars are the most stylish and the most safe.

You can know more about car safety on this site, and who knows, maybe you will buy yourself ‘mercedes’.

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3 Responses to "Mercedes-Benz"

  1. Olof Olsson says:

    Great site, especially the header and the opacity cloud on scrolling, beautiful technique that gave me a lot of ideas.

    A li’l typo though.. Mercedes is spelled with a C not with an S, just thought you wanted to know. Regards from Sweden.

  2. elPas0 says:

    thanks, Olof, i will fix it right now :)

  3. Anders says:

    Great looking site elPas0! The scroll effect was terriffic! your site just got bookmarked:)


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