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Not so long ago i have heard that one famous illustrator asks if someone know how they draw these pictures, which looks like screenshots of illustrations in .gif format, but use only a few colors and looks perfect and very accurate. I was shocked. How could it be that there are still people in internet, which doesn’t heard about “pixel art” ? So before we start talking on this topic, i want to write an opening clause to answer question – what is pixel art ?

Pixel art is kind of digital graphic arts, based on images edited on pixel level and created using raster editors. Small size and limited size of colors in palette are typical for these kind of graphics. Special feature of pixel art is robust edges, lack of blur, which is usually present in raster images. Main tool for creating such images is a 1px pencil.
Pixel Girl
Pixel icons

Pixel art was first used in computer games. Technical abilities of computer graphics were very poor, but it must be attractive at the same time. Today pixel art actively used in flash games, mobile applications and other portable devices. Icons are another. Besides there are a lot of websites fully done in pixel style.

Pixel art has two main trends – isometric and 2D. Isometric image is also two-dimensional image, but it looks like a 3d model screen. Lines inclined to each other and it creates effect of volume without using 3d. Isometric is usually used in games, it is very handy to show that building has three dimensions. I repeatedly see pixel maps in “How to find us” sections.
Pixel City

2D images is not isometrically. It is also used in one-screen games. You will understand it from examples.
Pixel Game

Characters done in pixel style called “sprites”. You need some experience to draw such character. It is hard to create any raster character, but in pixel style there are additional limitations which complicate the process. Small character size, limited palette and following animation are the rules which make it harder, but there are still exist people able to do it. Enjoy examples and links collected for you.

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