Rodney Smith Photography

Many of you know the name of Rodney Smith.  Not surprisingly, such kind of photographers must be famous. His pictures are always easily identified thanks to a special style of Rodney. His photo is like special moment of someone’s life. Looking at them, it seems that a man could do the impossible things, he able to stop time. Besides, his stories lure the viewer as something magical, fantastic. It’s similar to very realistic dream.

Easy ways to get perfect website design.

Our blog is 3 years old, but it still continue to be  listed in many inspiration design reviews of the beautiful blogs. Because of that we often receive mails from our readers with questions who made design for our blog and where we can find something similar.


In this article I would like to tell you where you can buy or order professional design for your website or blog. I propose only two interesting on my opinion variants – purchase ready-made template or order unique design. One of the most important moments in choosing marketplaces  was   simplicity and a wide range of opportunities for the clients.

Magento Template Advices Part 2

Magento Template Advices
Here goes second part of quick tips for magento developers. First part is here

List of Problems:

  1. Admin login problem in local installation
  2. UPS dont show methods titles
  3. Using html tags in product description
  4. How to remove zoom tool

Free Icon sets collection

Today i prepare a couple of free icon sets worth your attention.

Albook extended 764 icons

Albook extended 764 icons

Multiple file Uploaders

Have you ever want to upload multiple files at once, or see file upload progress, or style your upload elements, or control filetypes before upload ? Today i want to suggest you a collection of file uploaders ready to use in your web projects.


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