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Many of you know the name of Rodney Smith.  Not surprisingly, such kind of photographers must be famous. His pictures are always easily identified thanks to a special style of Rodney. His photo is like special moment of someone’s life. Looking at them, it seems that a man could do the impossible things, he able to stop time. Besides, his stories lure the viewer as something magical, fantastic. It’s similar to very realistic dream.

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19 Responses to "Rodney Smith Photography"

  1. I have never seen any of this photography. Its all fantastic and very stunning. I especially love the one with the lady in the boat. I love how the photograph makes you look at the centre person but the real crazy part to it all is the background, which is somehow noticed after. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jennifer says:

    does that hurt??
    because it must… must it ?

  3. Paul mckay says:

    A great collection of imagery.
    Being completely honest, I hadn’t heard of Rodney Smith until I viewed this post, however the simplicity and elegance of these images has drawn me in.

    The simple yet fictionalised style of photography seems to allow you to embrace someone else’s life and characteristic’s without much difficulty. The angles, actions and locations used give me the sense that I’m taking a sneak peek into someone else’s day to day life without them knowing. I also have to agree with Jennifer. That has to hurt.

    I’ve definitely become a fan and look forward to seeing more of his images.

  4. Robert says:

    I’ve never heard about Rodney Smith but his photos are outstanding. Really god job !

  5. Flavia says:

    Never heard of him either! Beautiful photos!! Just love it.
    Glad I came here.

  6. Anna Green says:

    These are brilliant! Artistic, stylish and humorous. Anybody could take something away from there experience of viewing these. I think they would work every well running down my hall way all in matching black frames. Can the public purchase prints? Anna

  7. Beautiful beautiful photos, As a small time web designer I dont have the luxury of employing photographers, mostly we used iStock and Shutter stock as clients are not willing to spend 1000’s on photography. But I think it is safe to say that web designers all over the world hope for the day that clients come to them and say “Ok here is 10,000 for a photo shoot” or “3d animation”, one day …

  8. Cruz Mendoza says:

    Awesome photos! Love them all.

  9. Postal says:

    He`s a great photographist, no doubt about that. And the model it´s an athlete!

  10. Ebayer says:

    I love those pictures. Great the one with the plane, great timming to get the picture.

  11. miguel says:

    Nice photos ,thanks

  12. MaavCrusoe says:

    Wow Amazing pictures, it’s a great job

  13. Geek says:

    this is an example of that art has no limits. Anywhere and at any time there is art.

  14. excellent pictures is appreciated

  15. thanks you per the photographies

  16. Had never before seen photos and less of the author. However, the images are fascinating, I am impressed with the photographs of the trees and the boat, these images tend much potential and I will remain so.

  17. Kevin Keyz says:

    OMG!! I just love the pics.. This guy is a photograph whiz, I really admire the work.!

  18. very nice I like it all pictures are awesome I really like it and I want to share them. Thanks for this beautiful post.

  19. mr bean says:

    All pictures are excellent I like these.Thanks


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