Gil Elvgren. The best pin-up illustrator.


Gil Elvgren. The best pin-up illustrator

I want to start my illustrations review from the works of the best american pin-up illustrator Gil Elvgren. I choose him not only because pin-up is actual today, but also he is one of my favorites illustrators. Elvgren is fairly considered to be the best pin-up illustrator whom the world ever knew. He painted more than 500 canvases and each can be called a masterpiece. The basic technique he used was oilo on canvas. Here you can find several works of him which I consider to be his best pictures.

I personally admire Elvgren, because he raised up the style of poster painting to the level of art. He painted canvases that were stylish those times and nevertheless they do not stop to amaze us nowadays. Models on his pictures noticeably differ from contemporary standard of female beauty: ruddy cheeks, eyes beaming with happiness, wide smile without dirty trick or fretfully squeezed lips – absolute personification of feminity and plain pure beauty. Nowadays we have other female traits that are in value.

Nevertheless, you can’t take eyes off of those girls. Despite the fact that each picture has candid erotic traits, none of them looks grossy. Elvgren perfectly knew how to show all female advantages in the best foreshortening.

He extremely well fill every image with emotions, bringing it a grain of irony and coquetry. It is not possible not to like his pictures, not to admire his works. I’m looking at them again and again, and i can’t find any detail which would be unnecessary.
Every small thing has it’s meaning, interior, pleats in a dress or curl. I also want to mention good workmanship of his works.

Elvgren draw his pictures during more than 40 years. Every new work was better than previous. in-up Illustrators, artists were trying and still trying to imitate him. I can understand them. He is really outstanding person.



























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