Easy ways to get perfect website design.


Our blog is 3 years old, but it still continue to be  listed in many inspiration design reviews of the beautiful blogs. Because of that we often receive mails from our readers with questions who made design for our blog and where we can find something similar.


In this article I would like to tell you where you can buy or order professional design for your website or blog. I propose only two interesting on my opinion variants – purchase ready-made template or order unique design. One of the most important moments in choosing marketplaces  was   simplicity and a wide range of opportunities for the clients.

Purchase ready-made templates.

There are many companies over internet that selling templates and themes for different  website engines.


But today i would like to highlight Envato concept. It is a high quality products marketplace.  I think one of the biggest advantage of Envato is a lots of independent authors. That’s why there are big amount of professional, high quality product. Also it is pretty easy to order customisation for purchased product and discuss a reasonable price with seller. Envato marketplace divided into websites by categories:

  • Your choice for site templates ThemeForestThemes and templates are available at the Themeforest.  WordPress themes are the most.  New category Magento was added recently.
  • Your chooice for graphicsIf you are looking only design for your website, I would like to recommend you to check Graphicriver website.
  • Stock flash filesFlash work you can find at Activeden.

In advice, when you are choosing product, read description and comments.

Order custom website design.

That would cost you much more, but you can receive absolutely unique design. If you don’t know any good designer, or you can’t find out what you need, then you can create a “best design” contest on related to your needs marketplace.


I believe there is no doubt that 99designs is leader in crowd sourced design. There are a lot of professional designers on website and if you will make a perfect brief you can receive what you need.You can adjust your contest as you want for the best results. This variant also good because you are determining the price for the project. You can also refuse contest if there is no works that you likes. There is even individual category for WordPress themes. Write accurate comments to designers and you will receive you dream design.


I only wrote about this two variants, because i believe that it is the most simple ways to get professional design.

I appreciate any comments! I’m very interested in your opinion regarding this review.

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13 Responses to "Easy ways to get perfect website design."

  1. Envato looks like a big company, but they have very beautifull designs indeed!

  2. utari says:

    nice article, thanks for the informations about order professional web/blog design..

  3. ills says:

    yikes you mentioned 99design. Make me sad :(.

  4. Rory says:

    I have been a big fan of Envato for a long long time, perfect for ‘borrowing’ ideas from. Very affordable to.

  5. Envato guys through all this years built some state-of-the-art business that will help in the best ways content creators to sell the goods!

    I’m a fan and recently started to shop at ThemeForest. They have a good collection of templates.


  6. Have to agree, I think 99designs are particlulary good at web design.

  7. milmil says:

    cool design!

  8. Jeff says:

    Shame on you for recommending 99 designs. Crowd sourcing is bad for the designers, bad for the clients, bad for the entire industry, and the reason for quite a few lawsuits.

    The entire business model encourages idea theft, and when the original artist discovers their work stolen, its the client that has to pay.

    Look at any running contest on 99 designs or similar site. Then do a Google images search for the imagery and I guarantee you’ll find some clear ripoffs!

  9. Syak says:

    I like you theme .

  10. KDian says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Envato (specifically Themeforest). We have used designs from their sellers and have gotten the most top quality themes–with amazing, responsive, friendly support. Next time we update our site we will definitely be using Envato.

  11. Lexi says:

    Ready made templates are great especially for those who just can’t find the inspiration they need to develop their own websites. I thought 99Designs was cool too but yeah, some of their “original” designs turned out to be ripoffs, which is so sad for the industry.

  12. jstamo03 says:

    nice article, thanks for the informations:

  13. Great article, great resources from envato!

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