Funny web-sites. Cartoons

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Funny web-sites. Cartoons

Here are 15 excellent sites with funny cartoon characters and other cute details.
People like cartoons because its simple and funny and they make us smile :)
I love it, and I am sure, that you will like them too.
So, lets start. (scroll up and down )

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9 Responses to "Funny web-sites. Cartoons"

  1. KOMGRIT says:

    Very very cute websites I love it,

    How come you can put tags on the top it’s so cool? Would you teach me some?

  2. Navdeep says:

    Very nice illustrations…

  3. Beppo says:

    wow is cool! I love the ninja character in their footer :)

  4. jay says:

    check out the illustrations we did on this

  5. gunjan says:

    this site were made with nice illustration.

  6. Sikor says:

    great web site :)

  7. bob says:

    Love this cartoon header. I think I am going to make one for my blog. Thanks for the post any way.

  8. chromatix says:

    nice use of vector illustrations and great use of jquery to bring it all to life

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