Mootools 1.2 cheat sheet


Fond of MooTools ? Not so long ago mootools team published Mootools 1.2. It contains a lot of new features and some changes in API. To make your life a bit easier, i recommend you to use mootools cheat sheet

It includes documentation for Core, Native, Class, Element, Utilities and Request.

Thanks for sharing, Maik Vlcek

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7 Responses to "Mootools 1.2 cheat sheet"

  1. stilfx says:

    Nice work!

    Question: What happened to the mootools forums??? Any clue?

  2. xirclebox says:


  3. I was wondering if you could tell me where you buy your graphics, or if you know where I can buy awesome graphics like that online.


  4. young man says:

    thx? ^ ^
    and theme is cool!

  5. Maik Vlcek says:

    Have a look at the fresh and updated rev of cheat sheet for mootools 1.3 :)

  6. Tag Móvil says:

    I really liked this tool, maybe the deal for my next project I have in mind about creating an application with the API.

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