CSS: Magic of “border” property

css_border You still using images to code such thing? is a daily website dedicated to everything related to outstanding WEB design and technologies.

In this case we are going to you :)

Web design tools and resources

Recently i found very large collection of links related to website creation.
Hope you find this list useful too

How to migrate from to

As you all know, WordPress 2.7 has been released. You can read about
it’s features here.

How to migrate from to

Magento Template Advices

Magento Template Advices

A couple of days ago i’ve finished my first template for Magento. It is new e-commerce platform with a lot of features. But it takes time to learn how it is working. So here is a couple of advices for whose who will work on creating a template for Magento.

MooTools Tutorial for Designers

This article inspired by “jQuery Tutorials for Designers“. It contains a couple of useful examples for beginners. All examples working with current mootools release – MooTools v1.2

1. Basics – official mootools site – detailed documentation – here you can download latest version of mootools

10 pages