What Adobe AIR programs you use?


Today i will tell you about interesting programs written with Adobe AIR

Chorducopia — useful program for those who play the guitar


Color Browser — this program helps designers to pick nice palette for site

color browser

Google Analytics — handy program to work with Google Analytics stats (of course if you use it)

Klok — simple project management system. Recommended for freelancers

Klok – extended MySpace profile editor. You can create nice things offline, and then connect to internet and update your profile


NetBook — e-book & audio-book reader. Have access to Project Gutenberg Library and allows to read their books offline


StockQ — if you gamble on a stock exchange, you definitely need this program, which allows to watch for share indexes changes in real time


WebKut — load any site and cut the piece of it .


What Adobe AIR programs you use?

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5 Responses to "What Adobe AIR programs you use?"

  1. elPas0 says:

    thanks, fatihturan, i check them. maybe add some

  2. Toby says:

    ‘Snippely’ from Mootools. Keeps all your code snippets in one handy little app. You can get it here.

    It’s quite handy!

    Great site by the way.

  3. Currently using Snitter, Google Analytics, Snippely & Bee (for blog posting). Trying out the Ebay one but can’t see using it too often just yet.

  4. elPas0 says:

    i start using Snippely. nice

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