What Adobe AIR programs you use?


Today i will tell you about interesting programs written with Adobe AIR

Chorducopia — useful program for those who play the guitar


Color Browser — this program helps designers to pick nice palette for site

color browser

Google Analytics — handy program to work with Google Analytics stats (of course if you use it)

Klok — simple project management system. Recommended for freelancers

Klok – extended MySpace profile editor. You can create nice things offline, and then connect to internet and update your profile


NetBook — e-book & audio-book reader. Have access to Project Gutenberg Library and allows to read their books offline


StockQ — if you gamble on a stock exchange, you definitely need this program, which allows to watch for share indexes changes in real time


WebKut — load any site and cut the piece of it .


What Adobe AIR programs you use?

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