Funny web-sites. Cartoons

Funny web-sites. Cartoons

Here are 15 excellent sites with funny cartoon characters and other cute details.
People like cartoons because its simple and funny and they make us smile :)
I love it, and I am sure, that you will like them too.
So, lets start.

50 free icons

50 free icons

Set of 50 icons at .PNG format for public usage.

Effective Css for Novice and Advanced

Today we will learn some useful tricks to write css styles.

Short Properties
Short properties used to combine several properties in one declaration. It can really decrease size of your css code.

If color value has three pairs of equal symbols, you can write it using three symbols

#ff00bb  -> #f0b
#ffffff  -> #fff

27 free icons

27 free icons

Set of 27 icons at .PNG format for public usage.

Mootools 1.2 cheat sheet

Fond of MooTools ? Not so long ago mootools team published Mootools 1.2. It contains a lot of new features and some changes in API. To make your life a bit easier, i recommend you to use mootools cheat sheet

It includes documentation for Core, Native, Class, Element, Utilities and Request.

Thanks for sharing, Maik Vlcek

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