Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai

Freid is dead, but the are psychoanalysts. They say that if you buy a big car, you has small dick. What can we say about BIG buildings in such case ? Have you ever want to buy a flat on 499 floor to see nearby cities ? Or maybe you already has it ?

Freid definitely didn’t heard about Dubai. These guys knows how to make money. That gives them opportunity to realize their ‘child’ fantasies. One of these fantasies become MEGA-SUPER-PUPER-BIG tower Burj Dubai.

You can know more about it by visiting flash site . It is done in dark men colors.

Who knows, maybe you one of the guys, who will buy a couple thousands square meters there after visiting their site. I will be happy if my article push you to do it.

P.S.: If you have any complexes, you better do like guys fron Dubai. Leave your veins untouched.

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