How to make PDF without Adobe Acrobat Professional


If you think that buying Adobe Acrobat Professional is too expensive, but you do not want to use unregistered copy, then i have a solution for you.

So, you have a document ( Word, Excel, Jpeg, GIF, TIF, RTF, txt ) and you want to convert it to nice PDF and send to client. All you need to do is send your document to In 1-2 minutes you will get reply with generated PDF. This service has limit on file size – your file should be less than 10 Mb.

Use and enjoy :)

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3 Responses to "How to make PDF without Adobe Acrobat Professional"

  1. (v) says:

    I love – it’s freeware & works at any Windows system.

  2. Robert Kay says:

    While I am sure this web site can generate the PDF files you are also trusting your information to an unknown group. A faster and easier way (especially if you do not have internet access) would be to find and download cutePDF Writer which installs onto your computer like a printer and generates a PDF file. This is a windows based tool. I have not looked for a Linux or MAC based version.

  3. matt says:
    Best to use PHP class/lib to create PDF.
    I don’t like sending my personal data to other company… ;p

    ps. cheers for article about js and session vars !!

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