50 free icons


50 free icons

Set of 50 icons at .PNG format for public usage.


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28 Responses to "50 free icons"

  1. mohsin ali says:

    I love Icon.

  2. chococat says:

    it so cute …

  3. Ramnath says:

    Very Nice. Liked …

  4. Corey says:

    Absolutely awesome icons….. anychance of you adding an edit icon, that seems to be the only thing missing to make these my new default webapp icons!

  5. loremipsum says:

    thank you

  6. Martha says:

    so cute!! THANK YOU

  7. Simply fantastic. Thanks for the icons

  8. DVD says:

    Very good, Beautifful icons

    For public usage but, the license?


  9. Not cheap and tacky plastic looking. Strong but subtle icons, I love em. Thankyou foo.

  10. avelasquez says:

    exelente ;) saludos.

  11. RONG says:


  12. Scriptster says:

    Very nice icons indeed! Would it be safe to assume it’s OK to use them in a free site template?

  13. elbeto says:

    Gracias por los iconos,
    Thanks for icon pack.

  14. max says:

    Thanks, it`s beautiful

  15. rahul chauhan says:

    i like hats icons

  16. Script says:

    nice collectin bro

  17. You have a very wonderful and extra quality collection, it shows that your design skill is on the highest level. Thank you, I’ll suggest your site to my friends. I recomend you to visit where you can find many free quality 3D icons .

  18. utari says:

    thanks for the free icons, nice icons!!

  19. diseño web says:

    These will perfectly fit my sites design. THanks a lot!

  20. Very nice set of icons. Thank you.
    There is just one thing I would fix (maybe in the future release?) – the shiny bit seems to be overlapping the transparent background area making it necessary to erase (if put on a background different than white).

  21. This is the very useful guidelines of design templates. Any one can get very useful help from this script. the site is very popular

  22. nice icons …thank you for sharing..
    here are some useful icon and graphics links

  23. Soma says:

    Very nice icons! Thanx a lot!

  24. faruk says:

    Can I use it for my commercial product? Do I need to cite you?

  25. Rozie says:

    These are such a nice clean design I think they are great, thank you


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